[Gobolinux-recipes] QEMU, KQemu

André Detsch detsch at gmail.com
Sun Jul 16 23:34:05 GMT 2006

I think having one separate recipe for kqemu is the way to go,
specially considering that qemu does not compile with gcc 4.X and
kqemu has to be compiled with the same gcc used to compile the running
kernel (usually, gcc 4.X).

Is there a way (at Recipe level) to avoid creation of /Programs/KQemu?

Note: I could not link qemu against Glibc 2.4, but it works with 2.3.2...

/System/Links/Executables/ld: errno: TLS definition in
/Programs/Glibc/2.4/lib/libc.so.6 section .tbss mismatches non-TLS
reference in libqemu.a(helper2.o)
/Programs/Glibc/2.4/lib/libc.so.6: could not read symbols: Bad value

Andre Detsch
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