[gobolinux-users] Roadmap to 012

Dave Dodge dododge at dododge.net
Wed Nov 3 20:58:31 GMT 2004

On Wed, Oct 27, 2004 at 04:34:47PM -0200, Hisham Muhammad wrote:
> # should fail on non-nvidia hardware, right?
> modprobe nvidia

I don't know about the nvidia module, but the expectation in 2.6 is
that kernel modules should not fail to load just because the hardware
isn't there.  Any modules that still do that will probably be fixed
eventually (I just saw a discussion about this on another list

A few weeks ago I managed to insmod just about every audio hardware
module at once while trying to debug a sound problem, so I've seen
this in action.

> # I think it nvidia always creates this device
> # well, you could just "lsmod | grep nvidia" too

grepping the PCI ID numbers from lspci or /proc/pci is my preferred
method, but that's only really easy when you already know which
numbers to look for.

> Of course, this could be smarter and only relink stuff when necessary
> (checking the real path (readlink -f) of /System/Links/Libraries/libGL.so
> for example).

If you want to include this sort of thing in the base system, there's
also the ATI and Matrox binary modules to consider.  I'm not sure if
any of the VIA/S3 devices require a binary module yet.

                                                  -Dave Dodge

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