[gobolinux-users] Version Control

Peter Eriksen s022018 at student.dtu.dk
Thu Nov 4 07:31:46 GMT 2004

On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 04:29:32PM -0800, Carlo J. Calica wrote:
> I'd like to setup a version control repository for Scripts, 
> Compile, etc.  I'm currently leaning towards arch rather than 
> svn.  Its distributed aspects I find personally interesting, it 
> is easy to setup a shared repository. 
> One problem is we need a recipe for it.  For some reason, I'm 
> unable to make a build that passes all the tests.  I'm currently 
> using an old version kindly packaged my MJ Ray.


If anybody has experience with darcs, that one might be worth
to consider. 

>From the homepage at darcs.net:

Darcs is a replacement for CVS. Darcs is simple to learn 
and use, with a powerful new approach to meet the needs of 
today's distributed software projects. Darcs is decentralized, 
based on a "theory of patches" with roots in quantum mechanics.

Written in Haskell, darcs is used on on many operating 
systems including Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD, and Windows. 
Darcs includes a CGI script to browse your repository from 
the web. 

Version 0.9.3 is already at the recipe store. It needs GHC
to compile, but that is also in the store. To send patches
by mail it needs sendmail, which haven't got a recipe yet,

I have just built a recipe for 1.0.0rc3, which has the
following runtime dependencies on my system:

Curl 7.12.1
Glibc 2.3.2
GPM 1.20.1
Ncurses 5.4
OpenSSL 0.9.7d
Readline 4.3
ZLib 1.2.1



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