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MJ Ray mjr at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Nov 4 16:01:14 GMT 2004

This thread is a little fractured now, after the list move, so I'll 
just reply once.

I do see Bill Burdick's points, but I think it's only the competition 
of *languages* which has kept Sun away from exploiting the market. 
Within the Java language, competition has been slow to develop. 9 
years and still so few to choose from? At the speed computing usually 
develops, 9 years is almost an age.

As for the list of places with non-free software: about the only ones 
I own from that list are the PC BIOS and a regular mobile phone. Even 
my network router runs Linux (D-Link something or other IIRC) and I 
have the source code. I avoid microwave ovens when possible and I 
doubt the ancient Leyland National buses here have firmware.

On 2004-10-31 10:15:03 +0000 Mika Pesu <pmika at japo.fi> wrote:

> i dont remember how things go if you change the code. but if i 
> remember right 
> you need to submit changes atleast to Sun.
> but then again i dont have any needs to change the source code. [...]

Are you absolutely sure that you have never encountered and will never 
encounter a bug or deficiency in Sun's Java, which could be fixed by 
patching the source?

> IMO,Sun is doing everything they can to make Java more open,but not 
> with the 
> cost of making forking java possible or losing they own business 
> around java. 
> which in this case is good.

Which in this case is bad. It's funny really. Normally, businesses ask 
for low barriers to entry, competition and a diverse fair market. But 
not when it's their product and the law allows them a monopoly.

Unfortunately, to get that monopoly, they are restricting the users 
and tying their hands.
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I've done my time working for others for now. I'm going to try to do 
what's I think is right for a while. That includes trying to help the 
Protect Innovation campaign in the UK against software patenting. 

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