[gobolinux-users] Re: Java and free software

Mirza mirza at seznam.cz
Thu Nov 4 16:36:20 GMT 2004

MJ Ray wrote:
> Are you absolutely sure that you have never encountered and will never 
> encounter a bug or deficiency in Sun's Java, which could be fixed by 
> patching the source?

Now, this is everlasting Stallman vs. Torvalds debate that leads 
nowhere, so I will try to get some time to create alternative 012 (or 
maybe 013) Gobo/Java distro (actually Gobo distro + Java SDK). Java will 
NOT be pre-installed, only pre-loaded (bundled on same CD) for those who 
wants it (to avoid legal problems). It will be installable by 
mouse-click right from the desktop. It is just too bad I will have to 
back-sync this hack to actual Gobo Javaless Linux with each new release. 
When I am at that, nVidia driver or flash player could be added also (I 
don't know how difficult it will be...).


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