[gobolinux-users] Re: Java and free software

Rafael rafael at tteng.com.br
Fri Nov 5 12:29:38 GMT 2004

Mirza wrote:

> That sounds good. On extra CD with SDK there is enough room for 
> various F/OSS java sw like eclipse (+ plugins), netbeans, jboss... I 
> will release this CD on my ftp, if it doesn't get any "official gobo" 
> status.

If you (all) want a official status, it is "GoboLinux will not ship with 
Sun's JDK unless they change their license." I haven't talk to other 
core developers, but they'll understand this, as there are legal issues 
and we can't afford then.

HP has not shiped Java in one of its products due to its license. If 
their lawyers thought it was not a good idea, we will follow then.

What can be feasible to do is to wrap the installation of the JDK with a 
set of scripts as is done with Nvidia drivers. We should also remove the 
binaries from the websiteh, as this may configure "distribution".

Sorry for this, but some proprietary licenses just suck.

(Your Windows 98 CD do not belong to you. You paid only for the license, 
the CD is still Microsoft property. Read an EULA, it'll scary you more 
than any horror movie.)

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