[gobolinux-users] few questions

Hisham Muhammad hisham at apple2.com
Sat Nov 6 20:41:42 GMT 2004

On Thursday 04 November 2004 19:26, zika wrote:
> 1. How do I enable graphical login in Gobolinux?
> That is, to have graphical login, before logging in shell? (xdm, kdm)

Just add a line calling 'kdm' in the end of your boot scripts. :)

> 2. How do I enable autofs in Gobolinux?

Never used autofs, so someone else will have to answer

> 3. Can I use RemoveProgram to uninstall program in Gobolinux?

Yes, or simply rm -rf the directory. But be aware it will not "backtrack" 
removing its dependencies.

> 4. Kuser does not work. Is it me or should I use AddUser to
> create users? If so, how do I add one with administrator privileges?

Never used Kuser myself, always used AddUser. And what do you mean by a user 
with administrator priveleges? One possibility is to add a line like this in 
your /System/Settings/sudoers file:

zika  ALL=(ALL)  ALL

That will allow the user 'zika' to run sudo to any command, which would 
effectively give it "administrator powers".

> I am having trouble trying to compile chmlib 0.31
> ( ). Can someone help me? I
> have tried with CompileProgram but it did not work.

Ok, I'll list the steps I followed.

(1) I passed the URL to MakeRecipe, so it would try to generate a Compile 
recipe for it.

gobo at bandaliera ~]MakeRecipe http://....../chmlib-0.31.tgz
MakeRecipe: Creating recipe template for CHMLib version 0.31.
MakeRecipe: Press Enter to continue or Ctrl-C to cancel.

(2) MakeRecipe downloads the package.

           => `chmlib-0.31.tgz'
Connecting to connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 45,453 [application/x-tar]
100%[==================>] 45,453         3.78K/s    ETA 00:00
18:13:23 (3.78 KB/s) - `chmlib-0.31.tgz' saved [45453/45453]

(3) It looks at the contents and finds no ./configure; it finds a Makefile 
though. It looks for common prefix variables like PREFIX and DESTDIR, but 
doesn't find any. It offers me to show the Makefile so I can find it myself.

MakeRecipe: CHMLib 0.31 build system seems to be based on Makefiles.
chmlib-0.31.tgz: extracted to `chmlib-0.31'
MakeRecipe: No variables detected. Do you want to look at the top Makefile? 

(4) Looking at the Makefile, there it is:


(5) Let's add it to the recipe:

gobo at bandaliera ~]mcedit /Files/Compile/LocalRecipes/CHMLib/0.31/Recipe

(6) This is what MakeRecipe was able to come up with:

# Recipe (MakeRecipe) for CHMLib by Hisham Muhammad, on Sat Nov 6 18:18:02 
BRST 2004
# Recipe for version 0.31 by Hisham Muhammad, on Sat Nov 6 18:18:02 BRST 2004

(7) Let's add the variable:


(8) Let's test it!

gobo at bandaliera ~]Compile chmlib
Compile: Locating a recipe for chmlib ...
Compile: Found recipe for chmlib
GetRecipe: Trying to get 
GetRecipe: Downloading recipe from 
Compile: Recipe placed in /Files/Compile/Recipes/CHMLib/0.35
Compile: Compiling CHMLib version 0.35.
           => `chmlib-0.35.tbz'
Connecting to connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 264,006 [text/plain]

(9) Hey! There was already a newer version available at the recipe store!
Well, I should have tried "Compile chmlib" first!... ;-D

(10) That's all!

-- Hisham
ps: if Compile fails on chmlib, it's because the tbz extension in the Recipe 
fools aunpack into thinking it was a bzip, not a bzip2 file. A quick change 
in the URL of the recipe from tbz to tgz does the trick. I don't know if this 
problem happens in every Compile version or just in my development tree.

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