[gobolinux-users] New user question (start of many)

Rohan NIcholls rohan.nicholls at myrealbox.com
Mon Nov 8 19:47:02 GMT 2004

Hi guys,

I am a brand new user of Gobo linux, and am loving it.  In my travels
a number of questions have come up.

1. Is there some way to upgrade the whole system?  I tried executing
UpgradeDistro but:

gobo at pareto42 /Users/rohan]UpgradeSystem 
rm: cannot remove `UpgradeScript': No such file or directory
--14:46:07--  http://gobolinux.org/upgrade/UpgradeScript
           => `UpgradeScript'
Resolving gobolinux.org...
Connecting to gobolinux.org[]:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
14:46:08 ERROR 404: Not Found.

chmod: cannot access `UpgradeScript': No such file or directory
/System/Links/Executables/UpgradeSystem: line 32: ./UpgradeScript: No
such file or directory

I am going to guess that since much of gobolinux.org (the recipes,
binary-packages, etc.) are locked down that this is a related problem.

2. alsaconf - on both the home machine and this work doesn't find any
cards, and yet on slackware 10, the alsaconf finds both cards (maestro3
at home, AC'97 at work) and configures them.  The Kernel loads the
necessary modules so it is not that the cards are not activated on some
level. I have just looked in /System/Kernel/Devices/sound/dsp, so maybe
that is all I need.

3. Is there somewhere that I can find out what recipes or packages are
available.  I found /Depot/Manager/cache/RecipeList, is it updated when
the Scripts package is updated?  I don't think it is, but just want to
be sure.

4. Is anyone using Gobo as a server, is there any advice they have on
different issues.  I think the gobo as superuser is great.

 I think that is it for now. I have other questions, but wanted to
register myself as a GoboLinux user.

My intro mail seems to have been lost, so for posterity.  This
filesystem design has been the answer to a number of my prayers, as the
crufty *nix setup just makes things so unecessarily confusing, and as I
have a Mac at home as well as linux, I know there are better ways.

I am really impressed with the whole Compile Install system as well.  It
is now my distro of choice, and will be for a long time to come as it
has finally made a truly maintainable linux.  Even slackware was falling
down in the compile-it-yourself department, despite the excellent
checkinstall utility.

Thanks again, for all the work the core has done.  In the mail that
disappeared I mentioned what I should do with a recipe for the


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