[gobolinux-users] Enemy-Territory--2.56--i386

michael michael at xinomorph.org
Wed Nov 10 13:03:44 GMT 2004

I have a working binary package for the freeware game, Wolfenstein: 
Enemy Territory on GoboLinux.  There are two problems that need to be 
addressed before it can be distributed:

- The License.  I'm unsure if I can actually distribute it.  It's the 
same game, installed, with a couple of their shell scripts patched for 
GoboLinux, and some of the directories are reorganized.  The shell 
scripts in question just change to ET's directory, and then run the 
program from there.

- The size.  The tarball is 258 MB.  I have a 128kbit uplink, and it'll 
take a *long* time to put somewhere, and it'll put a lot of stress on 
the binary mirrors.

I did it as a real binary package, not a recipe, as it seems recipes for 
binary packages aren't really liked, and no solution has yet been 
implemented.  A recipe for the package would be a fix to this problem, 
and only be a few KB.  (Though I would still have to write it.)

Any ideas? (:

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