[gobolinux-users] New user question (start of many)

Hisham Muhammad hisham at apple2.com
Wed Nov 10 23:00:53 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 10 November 2004 20:08, Carlo J. Calica wrote:
> Hisham Muhammad wrote:
> >On Monday 08 November 2004 17:47, Rohan NIcholls wrote:
> >>Hi guys,
> >>
> >>I am a brand new user of Gobo linux, and am loving it.  In my travels
> >>a number of questions have come up.
> >>
> >>1. Is there some way to upgrade the whole system?  I tried executing
> >>UpgradeDistro but:
> >
> >Oh, this was an "undocumented feature" we never got to the point of
> >implementing. The idea was that, when we get to the point to have
> > something that upgrades the system automatically, we can post the script
> > and the existing systems would be already "upgrade-ready".
> I've been giving this some thought.  Wouldn't it be better to "tie" the
> version of the system with the version of Scripts.  We can also use the
> "UpgradeDistro" script as documentation for the fs heirarchy.  The
> Goboify script that Rafael mentioned could form the basis for this.  A
> usage example is moving a 006 system to current.  We've moved a few dirs
> around in /System/Kernel, added some in /S/Links.  The UpgradeDistro
> script would assert those dirs and move things around.

Correcting myself: UpgradeSystem _was_ in fact implemented by André for 011. 
(Rohan's download failed because of the recent server move). It was a 010 -> 
011 upgrade script, announced on the list. (Didn't attract much attention, 
IIRC). It did exactly what you describe: apply the structural changes on the 
system. Actually, I think even a 007->010 existed, implemented by Guilherme 
(not integrated in the Scripts package, though).

Well, the version of Scripts used to be tied to the version of the system, but 
then most of the time the "latest stable version" would be a development 
snapshot, indistinguishable from, well, unstable snapshots. Our decision to 
change the version numbering was so that versions and snapshots are more 
clearly identified; especially since the "Scripts maintainer token" tends to 
pass from hand to hand (it was with André for a large part of the year, it's 
with me again now), so by looking at the "date-name" snapshot identifier it's 
not a clear indicator on how official a version is. In the early days that 
didn't make much difference to distinguish between versions and snapshots, 
but now it makes sense.

As to why the major number doesn't match the distro release; we decided to use 
the major number to indicate "major development branches" in all 'GoboLinux 
apps'. There are no plans in the horizon to branch out a Scripts 3 tree. The 
Compile 2 tree is under a slow, but carefully planned development (Compile 1 
is doing well, I think, so there's no hurry). Snapshots are posted to 
gobolinux.org/snapshots (directory listing is disabled as I write this, but 
will probably be already fixed as you read this :) ). [btw, not much to see 
on Compile 2 now, except for some preliminary modularization work.]

> WRT upgrading software in /Programs to the newest version, that is a
> separate issue that can be handled with Freshen and/or Manager

True. By the way, any news on Freshen, Michael? The latest version is 1.1, 
right? AFAIK it doesn't use the RecipeList file yet. That would be a nice 
improvement, so it could report available upgrades without having to --sync 
the tree. Freshen is a really nice app, and being a command-line freak 
myself, I think it Freshen+Compile make a great combination, and in fact I'd 
like to see them cooperate even more. Some progress was made to make Compile 
front-end friendly (for Manager), we could use some of that and improve on 

-- Hisham

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