[gobolinux-users] New user question (start of many)

Michael Homer dufus at wotfun.com
Wed Nov 10 23:38:35 GMT 2004

Hisham Muhammad wrote:

>On Wednesday 10 November 2004 20:08, Carlo J. Calica wrote:
> [deletia]
>>WRT upgrading software in /Programs to the newest version, that is a
>>separate issue that can be handled with Freshen and/or Manager
>True. By the way, any news on Freshen, Michael? The latest version is 1.1, 
>right? AFAIK it doesn't use the RecipeList file yet. That would be a nice 
>improvement, so it could report available upgrades without having to --sync 
>the tree. Freshen is a really nice app, and being a command-line freak 
>myself, I think it Freshen+Compile make a great combination, and in fact I'd 
>like to see them cooperate even more. Some progress was made to make Compile 
>front-end friendly (for Manager), we could use some of that and improve on 
My system is at the moment horrendously out of date (88 updates, 
according to Freshen). The latest is 1.1, yes, and I've just (in the 
last 20 minutes) gotten the latest Scripts and Compile. Which seem to 
have changed quite a lot since what I had. Once I've gotten up to speed 
on those I'll work on getting a new version of Freshen out. Quick 
summary of the changes since ah May? Particularly with the front-end 
friendliness and RecipeList.
It sounds like it might be worth making a 2.0 version with some new 
features and less inflexibility, I have a few ideas jotted down, to do 
with full binary package incorporation and the ability to have say 
`Freshen -U` just "do the right thing" and upgrade the whole system. And 
caching all of the data so it doesn't take so long to process. Amongst 
other things ;)

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