[gobolinux-users] [ANNOUNCE] Freshen 1.99 (a.k.a 2.0a)

Michael Homer dufus at wotfun.com
Fri Nov 12 07:06:07 GMT 2004

Well, I said I would, and here it is. This is a point releaseto make 
sure there's no bugs before 2.0. It's been basically rewritten from 
scratch, some of the library code's been copied over.
Added since 1.1:
 - Full binary package support: the display now includes (optionally) 
both recipes and binary packages (distinctly)
 - Upgrading: Freshen -u gcc qt kde xorg will fill in your afternoon ;)
 - Also, Freshen -U gcc qt kde xorg will upgrade your entire system 
EXCEPT those
 - Upgrading uses either recipes, binaries, or both (in either order of 
preference), specified on the command line or in the new Freshen.conf
 - This probably should have gone up there, but network support: it can 
download recipes and data files, determined by the netMode setting 
(offline=never, online=mostly, always=promiscuously, everything it can 
think of. At the moment, that's only recipe files for --info)
 - It now caches the following things:
   * RecipeList file
   * BinaryPackageList file
   * Apache file listing from package store (with filesizes)
   * /Programs data. This is the biggie, it saves time significantly.
 - The cache timeouts can be set in Freshen.conf, one for the web caches 
and one for /Programs
 - It's about 90-98% faster, since there's less filesystem access
 - As well, it's all more flexible and the display's a lot cleaner
Recipe at:
Package at:
Go at it, bugs and suggestions welcome.

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