[gobolinux-users] Scripts release

Hisham Muhammad hisham at apple2.com
Fri Nov 12 20:39:55 GMT 2004


A new Scripts release, 2.1.15, is out. It removes the nasty "make -j8" thing 
that creeped into 2.1.14 (and earlier?), and integrates more of the work on 
package signing.

Grab it at your favorite mirror! ;-D

Carlo: I did not integrate your changes to InstallPackage/CreatePackage, 
because I found the changes regarding all those $sudo's a little odd. From a 
comment there, sounded like you disabled Verify_Superuser because gpg isn't 
supposed to run as user #0 -- can't you just sudo it down to a regular user 

-- Hisham

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