[gobolinux-users] [ANNOUNCE] Freshen 1.99 (a.k.a 2.0a)

Michael Homer dufus at wotfun.com
Sun Nov 14 02:05:59 GMT 2004

Michael Homer wrote:

> Carlo J. Calica wrote:
>> Michael Homer wrote:
>>> Well, I said I would, and here it is. This is a point releaseto make 
>>> sure there's no bugs before 2.0. It's been basically rewritten from 
>>> scratch, some of the library code's been copied over.
>>> Added since 1.1:
>>> - Full binary package support: the display now includes (optionally) 
>>> both recipes and binary packages (distinctly)
>>> - Upgrading: Freshen -u gcc qt kde xorg will fill in your afternoon ;)
>>> - Also, Freshen -U gcc qt kde xorg will upgrade your entire system 
>>> EXCEPT those
>>> - Upgrading uses either recipes, binaries, or both (in either order 
>>> of preference), specified on the command line or in the new 
>>> Freshen.conf
>>> - This probably should have gone up there, but network support: it 
>>> can download recipes and data files, determined by the netMode 
>>> setting (offline=never, online=mostly, always=promiscuously, 
>>> everything it can think of. At the moment, that's only recipe files 
>>> for --info)
>>> - It now caches the following things:
>>>   * RecipeList file
>>>   * BinaryPackageList file
>>>   * Apache file listing from package store (with filesizes)
>>>   * /Programs data. This is the biggie, it saves time significantly.
>>> - The cache timeouts can be set in Freshen.conf, one for the web 
>>> caches and one for /Programs
>>> - It's about 90-98% faster, since there's less filesystem access
>>> - As well, it's all more flexible and the display's a lot cleaner
>>> Recipe at:
>>> http://gobo.wotfun.com/Freshen-1.99.recipe.tar.bz2
>>> Package at:
>>> http://gobo.wotfun.com/Freshen--1.99--i686.tar.bz2
>>> Go at it, bugs and suggestions welcome.
>> No recipe tarball.  Testing package, installed with $goboInstall set 
>> to /Network/Programs.  Reset to default settings.  Attempting to run:
>> calica at office /Programs/Freshen]Freshen
>> /System/Links/Executables/Freshen:714: undefined method `logError' 
>> for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
>> calica at office /Programs/Freshen]Freshen --help
>> /System/Links/Executables/Freshen:714: undefined method `logError' 
>> for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
>> The Freshen class seems to be throwing an Exception.  Replacing a few 
>> log* routines with print.  A little more digging.  Seems to be 
>> looking for the Config in /Network/Programs/Freshen/Settings.  That 
>> should be a symlink but isn't.  Seems to a be a problem with 
>> InstallPackage.
> I'm still puzzled that that would happen. If you remove all the rescue 
> * sections from the bottom of bin/Freshen you'll get Ruby's default 
> backtrace output. It's not set up to handle anything other than 
> /Programs at the moment, possibly that's crept in somewhere it 
> shouldn't be. Take a look at the backtrace and we'll see.

Also, I suggest installing with the recipe, the package seems to have 
some vital parts missing. There's no compilation so it doesn't really 
make much difference.

2.0 will have some dependency support (or a lot, depending), but don't 
expect it for a week or two, busy times coming up. There might be a 
1.999 in the mean time. Change -B to -b in bin/Freshen to have a 
correctly working 1.99 version.

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