[gobolinux-users] New user question (start of many)

Michael Homer dufus at wotfun.com
Tue Nov 16 05:05:13 GMT 2004

Andre Detsch wrote:

>On Sunday 14 November 2004 23:04, Michael Homer wrote:
>>>Btw, now both Compile and InstallPackage support url passing
>>> Compile
>>>http://www.gobolinux.org/recipe-store/Bison--1.875--recipe.tar.bz2 or
>>> InstallPackage \
>>>  http://kundor.org/gobo/packages/official/Bison--1.875--i686.tar.bz2
>>The second of those will definitely be useful. I think the
>>recipe-fetching needs to remain separate.
>Additionally, if you want to avoid the use of FindPackage inside Compile, you 
>can pass directly the local recipe directory to it: 
>  Compile /Depot/Compile/LocalRecipes/Automake/1.9.3/
Excellent, that'll be perfect.

>>>If possible, try to encapsulate this functionality in a separate script. I
>>>would be very happy in using this installation ordering inside Manager :)
>>>And feel free to send us patches on the Dependencies script if there are  
>>>additional functionalities that you think should be inside it.
>>Will do. The only difficulty really is that I need all the packages and
>>recipes to be present, but it should be possible to work around that in
>>most cases.
>>I might have a patch or two to Dependencies at some point as well, I'm
>>not sure.
>As soon as I have some time, I will add another file at the 
>packages/recipes repositories, that can be downloaded instead of 
>BinaryPackagesList or RecipesList. This file will contain information like 
>Package name, Versions, size of the packed and unpacked package (for binary 
>packages) and list of dependencies for each package/recipe. Not sure yet 
>where the file should be parsed, but maybe inside GetAvailable, with some 
>access interface for other scripts (but parsing it at other scripts too will 
>be always possible, of course).
This was exactly what I was thinking of. It'll make things much simpler, 
I was just wondering about what exactly would be needed to generate it.

>I'm thinking in two options for the format of the file:
>- XML 
>- or simply a something like one line per package/recipe:
>PackageName Version UnpackedSize PackedSize [Dependency1,Dependency2....]
Either of those would be fine. XML would be more amenable to adding a 
field later on but the plaintext version would be easier to handle from 
a shell script or the like and smaller. When it's bzipped that won't 
make much difference though, so on the whole I think XML would be a 
better option if only for the flexibility.

>If you have any suggestions on this file, please let me know.
>In both cases the file will be compacted (bz2), but I don't have an exact idea 
>of how big (KB) will this file be, and if it is viable to use it instead of 
>'BinaryPackagesList/RecipesList' in all FindPackage/GetAvailable calls.  
>Btw, BinaryPackagesList.bz2 and RecipesList.bz2 will be available for download 
>at the repositories soon. Specially the RecipesList file is becoming really 
>large (about 34KB right now -> 7KB if bziped).
Freshen, at least, will use it for everything as soon as it's available. 
That sort of information would put it all in line with the recipes.

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