[gobolinux-users] dbus module not found

Jonatan Liljedahl lijon at kymatica.com
Tue Nov 16 17:53:31 GMT 2004

On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 11:00:56 -0200
Rafael <rafael at tteng.com.br> wrote:

> I fixed this but don't remember right now. I'll check at night.

It's Pyrex that is missing. I remember I was having trouble with this
too... But now I have a new system and I can't find Pyrex anywhere on my
system! Maybe it was an old dependency?

What version of DBUS are you using? I have 0.21. Is there a binary
package available? I could upload one...

NOTE: I just made a DBUS package, and found out that it doesn't add
symlinks but follows them and put their real files there! My
/Programs/Dbus/Variable contains a symlink run -> /System/Variable/run,
and CreatePackage added all files in that dir to the actual tarball
instead of just the symlink! Should it do this??

A "strings dbus-daemon-1 | grep '/'" tells me that it has hardcoded path
to look in

But I think this can be set to /System/Variable/run instead with the
configfiles found in /System/Settings/dbus-1/

Now, this has always confused me: Should programs use
/P/ThisProgram/Variable or /S/Variable ?

> Anyway... There is a workaround for it. All that you need is to
> "sh-ly" call d-bus. IIRC, Rox-session only need this to "logout", so I
> created an AppDir that does just this.
> Traped in this Windows box I'm of little help right now, but check 
> Rox-Session code to check it out. It is easy, as I remember.

No! It's not only needed for logout. It's also used:

1) To set a windowmanager. When you start OroboROX it sends a DBus
message to tell ROX-Session that this is the selected WM.

2) To set other stuff, All "configlets" (small applications to configure
stuff like font, keyboard, mouse, theme, etc) also uses DBus to tell
ROX-Session to do the actual settings.

/Jonatan    -=( http://kymatica.com )=-

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