[gobolinux-users] httpd recipe

roko ro.ko at mcnon.com
Tue Nov 16 22:48:54 GMT 2004

I want to write an (apache)httpd recipe.

Httpd has a config.layout file, which makes it easy to define the installation 
path layout.
I have taken the suggestions from the discussions lately about where modules 
and webserver documents should be stored and written a proposal:

+#   GoboLinux layout
+<Layout Gobolinux>
+    prefix:        /Programs/Httpd/2.0.52
+    exec_prefix: ${prefix}
+    bindir:         ${exec_prefix}/bin
+    sbindir:       ${exec_prefix}/sbin
+    libdir:           ${exec_prefix}/lib
+    libexecdir:     ${prefix}/share/httpdmodules
+    mandir:         ${exec_prefix}/share/man
+    sysconfdir:   /Programs/Httpd/Settings
+    datadir:       /Depot/Httpd/Sites/
+    installbuilddir: ${datadir}/Build
+    errordir:      ${datadir}/Error
+    iconsdir:     ${datadir}/Icons
+    manualdir:   ${datadir}/Manual
+    htdocsdir:    ${datadir}/Documents
+    cgidir:          ${datadir}/CGI-Executables
+    includedir:    ${prefix}/include
+    localstatedir: /Programs/Httpd/Variable
+    runtimedir:    /Programs/Httpd/Variable/httpd-run
+    logfiledir:    /Programs/Httpd/Variable/httpd-logs
+    proxycachedir: /Programs/Httpd/Variable/httpd-proxycache


Which name should be used for the apache user?
Are there any UIDs, GIDs reserved for deamons? 

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