[gobolinux-users] [ANNOUNCE] Freshen 1.99 (a.k.a 2.0a)

Michael Homer dufus at wotfun.com
Wed Nov 17 00:07:43 GMT 2004

David Smith wrote:

> Rafael wrote:
>> David Smith wrote:
>>> I get some error with RealPath. Are there any special dependencies?
>>> gobo at NewMachine ~]Freshen
>>> /System/Links/Executables/Freshen:15: command not found: RealPath
>> RealPath does not exist anymore. Use `readlink -f` instead.
>> Just make sure it is the CoreUtils one instead of the broken TeTeX one.
> Thanks, it seems it was a Compile problem. This patch aginst Compile
> 1.2.0 solved it. (Since it worked for others, I'm guessing it has
> already been fixed in a snapshot somwhere, though.)

Yes, Freshen uses Carlo's Gobo library and subclasses GoboApplication, 
and that's included in Compile (for the moment). Always make sure you 
have the latest Compile for Freshen. If any other issues come up running 
with "Freshen --debug" will give you a backtrace of it, in this case 
that'd tell you there was a problem in gobo.rb. Let me know anything you 
find, or any suggestions.

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