[gobolinux-users] [ANNOUNCE] Freshen 1.99 (a.k.a 2.0a)

Michael Homer dufus at wotfun.com
Wed Nov 17 07:31:14 GMT 2004

David Smith wrote:

> Michael Homer wrote:
>> David Smith wrote:
>>> Thanks, it seems it was a Compile problem. This patch aginst Compile
>>> 1.2.0 solved it. (Since it worked for others, I'm guessing it has
>>> already been fixed in a snapshot somwhere, though.)
>> Yes, Freshen uses Carlo's Gobo library and subclasses 
>> GoboApplication, and that's included in Compile (for the moment). 
>> Always make sure you have the latest Compile for Freshen. If any 
>> other issues come up running with "Freshen --debug" will give you a 
>> backtrace of it, in this case that'd tell you there was a problem in 
>> gobo.rb. Let me know anything you find, or any suggestions.
> Shouldn't Freshen have Compile as a dependency in that case?

The Dependencies file is automatically generated based on`ldd 
/Programs/Freshen/Current/bin/* | grep '=>' | awk '{ print $3 }' | xargs 
-r -n 1 readlink -f | awk -F/ '{print $3 " " $4}' | sort -u`, roughly 
;). Freshen's written in Ruby and doesn't contain any compiled 
executables, so that doesn't pick anything up. I've been wanting a more 
flexible dependency system for a while but there isn't any great 
pressure for change around (for the half-dozen programmes this'd 
actually benefit). As a general rule, Freshen needs any Ruby >= 1.8 and 
the latest Compile and Scripts releases. But they're good to have anyway.
I tried modifying the Dependencies file manually, but it gets 
overwritten every time you do anything with it so there wasn't much point.

> (Except that it might be difficult as the correct version of Compile is
> not available... :)

It'll work with the next release of Compile (I hope, please fix it 
Carlo) or, paradoxically, an old Scripts release lying around (that's 
probably why nobody else had issues, RealPath was removed sometime 
around June this year I think).

For now, anybody with problems, apply that patch or just manually edit 
it to replace 'RealPath' with 'readlink -f' in 

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