[gobolinux-users] turkish

Rafael Jeffman rafasgj at gobolinux.org
Sat Nov 20 23:50:51 GMT 2004

Em 20/11/2004, às 03:54, Ben Myles escreveu:

> Personally I like Skippy better:
> http://thegraveyard.org/skippy.php
> It's similar to kompose/expose, but if you have upgraded to the latest
> X.Org (6.8.1) you can compile skippy-xd to get real-time window
> updates/animations and transparency. Very nice :-)

Now that we are at it... Has anyone used Xorg 6.8.1 with all its bells 
and whistles turned on? How stable is it ? How fast is it? How 
eye-candy is it?

On Kompose/Expose... it's useless... nothing can beat a dual head box 
with 30" Cinema Display and all the resolution it can give you...

... I can dream, can't I ? ;-) ...

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