[gobolinux-users] turkish

Ground Zero groundzero at zuavra.net
Sat Nov 20 13:38:00 GMT 2004

On Fri, 19 Nov 2004 17:55:47 -0500 Nick Matteo <kundor at member.fsf.org>
> I want to know how they do two things:
> 1) Create the tree of Program directories, with all relevant files
> symlinked.  If that's easy to do with standard rpm files, wouldn't it be
> trivial to make a Gobo tool to install rpm files as /Programs dirs?  I
> recall hearing of one but unless I'm mistaken it's not included in Gobo.

I seem to recall vaguely a proposition that binary packages for Gobo be
made as ZeroInstall packages. ??


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