[gobolinux-users] turkish

Hisham Hashem Muhammad hisham at inf.puc-rio.br
Mon Nov 22 15:16:09 GMT 2004

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004, Rafael Jeffman wrote:
> Em 20/11/2004, às 03:54, Ben Myles escreveu:
> > Personally I like Skippy better:
> >
> > http://thegraveyard.org/skippy.php
> >
> > It's similar to kompose/expose, but if you have upgraded to the latest
> > X.Org (6.8.1) you can compile skippy-xd to get real-time window
> > updates/animations and transparency. Very nice :-)
> Now that we are at it... Has anyone used Xorg 6.8.1 with all its bells 
> and whistles turned on?

I have.

> How stable is it ?

With the bells & whistles on, not stable. (Once their stable, I believe 
they'll ship turned on by default).

> How fast is it?

Not fast. In the GeForce-whatever card I have at the lab, with RenderAccel 
turned on, it's merely passable if you don't go overboard with 

> How eye-candy is it?

The technology is there, but applications need to support it to make it 
worthwhile. There are some patches for apps like Konsole floating around, 
but since things are not stable yet, there's no point.
-- Hisham

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