[gobolinux-users] compile problem

Rohan NIcholls rohan.nicholls at pareto.nl
Tue Nov 23 12:18:34 GMT 2004

Hi again,

I am getting a very strange error when compiling sawfish:

../src/sawfish --batch --no-rc compiler -f compile-batch sawfish/wm.jl
set -e; for d in sawfish/wm; do \  SAWFISHLISPDIR=.
SAWFISHEXECDIR=../src/.libexec SAWFISHDOCFILE=../DOC ../src/sawfish
--batch --no-rc compiler -f compile-lib-batch $d; \ done
(compiling sawfish/wm/util/workarea.jl)
(compiling sawfish/wm/util/with-output.jl)
(compiling sawfish/wm/util/window-outline.jl)
error--> (file-error "No such file or directory" "sawfish/wm/util/x")

So I have done a straight compile and sure enough the stuff is sitting
where it is expected, however I think this has to do with the sanbox.

I am guessing (actually a pretty educated one) that sawfish at this
point is trying to access the directories returned by rep-config.  Of
course it is not finding the file it is looking for there, because the
file is sitting in the sandbox, and so the error.

Is there anyway to check if this is true?

The thing I don't understand is that except for a few glitches, the
sawfish-wm recipe (has librep, rep-gtk, and sawfish) all running, so on
my home machine it is finding the x file.

Any hints would be most appreciated.

thanks guys,


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