[gobolinux-users] dhcpcd not firing on boot

Lucas Correia Villa Real lucasvr at gobolinux.org
Wed Nov 24 13:53:02 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 24 November 2004 13:56, Rohan NIcholls wrote:
> Yet another question....
> I have this in my startup scripts according to very good advice given
> before:
> Multi
> #!/bin/sh
> Exec "Loading ethernet modules..."                      modprobe b44
> Exec "Initializing network..."                          Network Start
> #Exec "Starting console mouse GPM..."                      Mouse Start
> #Exec "Starting PCMCIA daemon..."                          PCMCIA Start
> in Network I have the files:
> eth0 and lo
> in lo is:
> Automatic=yes
> Interface=lo
> IP=
> NetMask=
> in eth0 is:
> Automatic=yes   # yes or no
> Interface=eth0
> BootProto=dhcp  # dhcp or none
> #IP=
> #NetMask=
> #Broadcast=   # optional
> lo is being configured, but eth0 is not.  Can anyone help me with this,
> as it is kind of annoying to have to do sudo dhcpcd on login, but I
> would like to do this properly rather than just stick that line in
> Multi.

What happens if you try to run at cmdline:
$ StartTask Network

I'm guessing you're missing the DHCPNetworkInterface Task, which is stored 
at /Programs/DHCPCD/1.3.22-pl1/Resources/Tasks/DHCPNetworkInterface .
Its contents are the following:


# DHCP support for NetworkInterface
# Intended to be called by NetworkInterface, not directly by the user.
# Hacked by Guilherme Bedin, Hisham Muhammad and many others - 

source "$NetworkInterfaces/$2" || return 1

[ "$DHCPTimeout" ] || DHCPTimeout=5

# should be: if ps -C dhcpcd &> /dev/null
if [ "`ps aux | grep dhcp | grep -v grep`" ]
then dhcpcd -k -t "$DHCPTimeout" "$Interface"
case "$1" in
   dhcpcd -t "$DHCPTimeout" "$Interface"
esac # esac is ridiculous.

If you didn't have that file yet, just create it, chmod+x it, SymlinkProgram 
DHCPCD and try to run the 'StartTask Network' command again.

> Oh, I was also wondering what Exec does (the Capital makes me think it
> is a gobo script) but I cannot find it.

It's a function internal to each boot theme. Give a look 
on /Programs/BootScripts/Current/Themes/* and check for their implementation 
of this function.

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