[gobolinux-users] turkish

Carlo J. Calica carlo at calica.com
Fri Nov 26 08:34:39 GMT 2004

michael wrote:

> Nick Matteo wrote:
>> I want to know how they do two things:
>> 1) Create the tree of Program directories, with all relevant files 
>> symlinked.  If that's easy to do with standard rpm files, wouldn't it 
>> be trivial to make a Gobo tool to install rpm files as /Programs 
>> dirs?  I recall hearing of one but unless I'm mistaken it's not 
>> included in Gobo.
> It should be possible to do that.  I have a program that makes RPMs 
> based on Portage ebuilds, though you should be able to adapt it to any 
> package management system that can output a Slackware-style image of 
> the program.  That is almost how binary packages are structured now in 
> GoboLinux :)
> http://ratemyrackmountedserver.com/~michael/projects/eburpm/
I had a Debain package install script.  In order to be useful you needed 
to install nothing but Debian packages.  To be complete it would need to 
convert the metadata between packages.   It should also be  a dpkg 
replacement.  Then installs could be handled by apt-get but viewed Gobo 

The script is at: http://www.calica.com/gobolinux/InstallDebianPackage 
if anyone wants to play with it.

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