[gobolinux-users] dhcpcd not firing on boot

Leandro Motta Barros lmbarros at via-rs.net
Wed Nov 24 23:13:12 GMT 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 13:56:11 -0200
Rohan NIcholls <rohan.nicholls at myrealbox.com> wrote:

> Yet another question....
> I have this in my startup scripts according to very good advice given
> before:
> [...]
> lo is being configured, but eth0 is not.  Can anyone help me with
> this, as it is kind of annoying to have to do sudo dhcpcd on login,
> but I would like to do this properly rather than just stick that line
> in Multi.

My advice will be most likely not be helpful for you, but it's a
quasi-bug I'd like to report.

I am an Emacs user, so, whenever I

emacs /System/Settings/BootScripts/Network/eth0

, a backup file (/System/Settings/BootScripts/Network/eth0~) is created.

Unfortunatelly, it seems that the 'Network' task uses something like
'for i in /System/Settings/BootScripts/Network/*; do something_with $i'.

This loop will not ignore the backup file. Indeed, the backup file is
processed after the "good" one, so that the old configuration is used
instead of the new.

To fix this, just remove the backup file. A patch to the 'Network' task
shouldn't be hard to create (I just wonder if adding a hardcoded
solution for this very specific case is the Right Thing to do).

> Oh, I was also wondering what Exec does (the Capital makes me think it
> is a gobo script) but I cannot find it.

'Exec' is a shell script function defined by every bootscript theme. It
simply executes the command passed as parameter with the appropriate
"look and feel".


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