[gobolinux-users] (no subject)

Michael Homer dufus at wotfun.com
Sun Nov 28 01:41:36 GMT 2004

zika wrote:

>How do I start and stop services in gobolinux?
Check out the 'Daemon(Down|Up|Control)' tools in Runit.

>How do I remove user?
`userdel username`

>I cant compile knetwork conf ( http://knetworkconf.sourceforge.net/ ) it seems to be distro specific. 
>I cant compile kchm ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/kchm/ ) . I compile kiochm, but kchm gives me error.
>I can't unpack files using ark. It says unable to fork
>kdesu complains about root user: user root does not exists.
Check the archives for the last of these (short version: call kdesu -u 
gobo instead), the rest are best addressed by somebody who uses KDE.

>My modem does not work in Linux, so I cant download recipes from internet.
>Can I use compile with already downloaded recipes? Where do I put them?
With a downloaded .recipe.tar.bz2 file, you can just `Compile 
Foo-1.0.recipe.tar.bz2` and it'll install it in the correct place and 
compile for you. If you have a Recipe file itself, you need to put it in 
the appropriate place under /Files/Compile/Recipes. That'll still try to 
download sources, but if you've downloaded them already put the file(s) 
in /Files/Compile/Archives and use the -W (or --no-web) option to 
compile. So to e.g. compile and install Freshen 1.99, from a downloaded 
recipe file and sources:

~ $ mv Freshen-1.99.tar.bz2 /Files/Compile/Sources
~ $ Compile -W Freshen--1.99--recipe.tar.bz2

And that'll do the right thing. You'll have to read the recipe file 
manually to find the URLs to download sources from (in 'url' or the 
'urls' array), in this case after downloading the recipe file you'd need 
to `GetRecipe blah-recipe.tar.bz2` to extract and install it first, and 
then `Compile Name` will do it.
However, much of the time, unless a recipe is complex, you'd be better 
just downloading the sources yourself and calling `CompileProgram 

Compile doesn't work so well with no network connection at all. Some 
modems that don't work do have drivers available that might be worth 
checking into.

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