[gobolinux-users] dhcpcd not firing on boot

Michael Farrell michael at xinomorph.org
Sun Nov 28 04:56:25 GMT 2004

On Wed, 2004-11-24 at 21:13 -0200, Leandro Motta Barros wrote:
> I am an Emacs user, so, whenever I
> emacs /System/Settings/BootScripts/Network/eth0
> , a backup file (/System/Settings/BootScripts/Network/eth0~) is created.

> To fix this, just remove the backup file. A patch to the 'Network' task
> shouldn't be hard to create (I just wonder if adding a hardcoded
> solution for this very specific case is the Right Thing to do).

Joe does exactly the same thing.  I think a patch to fix this would be a
good idea.

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