[gobolinux-users] Python paths and gobo.pth

David Smith dsmith at algonet.se
Mon Nov 29 22:03:39 GMT 2004

I recently converted the python based spamfilter i use (Spambayes) into
a "proper" Gobo program with its libraries linked under /System/Links/
Libraries. After that, it stopped working when invoked from procmail.

The reason, it turned out, was that procmail resets the environment, so
PYTHONPATH from Python's Resources/Environment was not picked up, and
/S/L/L/python2.3/site-packages (with all the Spambayes files) was not
in the path.

The issue was solved by adding a file gobolinux.pth with the path
/S/L/L/python2.3/site-packages to site-packages under /Programs/

After searching around a bit I found this thread


which has the same solution (i.e., using a file gobo.pth instead of

Is there a reason this was never done?


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