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Roebe XXX shevegen at linuxmail.org
Wed Aug 3 01:27:19 GMT 2005

   The rumour that Gobo is spying efficiently is finally true, or 
 so I have heard...
 Some other rumours say that Gobo doesnt exist, but hey... if i would
 spy in foreign, dangerous territories, I would say I dont exist... ;)
 ( Gobo is probably just super smart and stealthy ...)

 At any rate, it is being said that he thinks that SLAX is a 
 good idea, and this brings me to the point of my email here.

 One idea behind SLAX (which probably is its best idea) is the one of 
 a LiveCD, which allows a user to modify/customize it in a very 
 easy manner.
 Granted, it is not very difficult to customize Knoppx, DSL, Feather 
 or Kanotix. And there are many more LiveCDs that feature hdinstalls,
 and that can be customized.
 BUT the idea behind SLAX is very easy and thus good in my opinion.

 => A user just downloads (or installs by himself) module files/directory 
 structures, and these modules are automagically used when the LiveCD iso 
 is burned, and a PC boots up with this altered LiveCD. (By the way, you can
 of course exchange LiveCD with USB Stick, which is probably
 a better idea altogether as USB Sticks can be easily reused, and
 some happily exceed the size of a CD - I am unsure if someone wants
 to have such a big "LiveCD" of 1 GiG but its possible and may
 probably lead to one of Knoppix biggest problems - BLOATED. )
 Back to the modules.
 For example, one module installs several files needed for development,
 another module will install Beep Media Player - you get the idea
 of the modules. In final, many .isos with different structure.
 Shell scripts govern this installation procedere.
 Modules in SLAX are installed under /modules, and a directory
 /rootcopy ensures that Users can add their custom files. I mostly
 used the latter to keep my various .rc files, like vimrc.
 I usually dislike default vimrc files :)

   An advantage is, that users can really easily make lasting
  changes, and have a Linux System ready to use which they
  have adapted to their (life)style. There are many eye
  candies, and SLAX comes in different flavours. Server,
  "Popcorn", the default KDE centric one, one that features
  wine and allows "to run many Windows applications natively in 
  Linux", and finally one that is very minimalistic and just features 
  a console edition.

  Morphix was a Knoppix offspring, which attempted to
  split Knoppix into different flavours. I am not sure if 
  its still under development, it appeared sort of dead since
  several months. Not sure if it will ever gain back momentum..
  One Morphix offspring had many games. At the time though,
  many of the games were not really great, some others
  have had other problems like performance. Meanwhile new
  ones appeared, it really seems as if the whole game sector
  develops quickly, i saw many new games emerging, featuring
  engines like Ogre3d as their base.

  I wanted to present the idea a bit to those few who
  didnt know yet of Morphix/SLAX.

  I remember on the News section something about
 Gobolinux LiveCD (or making one), but I believe
 with something as nice as SLAX, it can (really, should :> )
 only be easier to do something similar in Gobolinux.

 To be honest though, I dont really know how
 right now. It should be easy (in theory?) to
 have a rather basic core, and then let several
 packages "merge" into a module (or a super-package).
 I also dont know if there is an actual "need" for 
 something like this. I just thought that the idea
 for a modular, easily-customizable,
 non /usr/bin /sbin blabla-file-structure
 Linux-System would be nice to have.

 Maybe, it can help to attract more users to GoboLinux, which
 in turn may help to make it more popular, which in turn can 
 help improve things like documentation, or gain more momentum
 overall, which in turn helps more users to get the idea of 
 other ways to think about the directory structure or
 the more "established" Linux Distributions out there, and
 help promote other ideas about Linux ... I hope you understand
 what I am trying to say with my clumsy expression!
 There are really many interesting ideas which I could
 now write down as example, but this is already too long :)
 is interesting too. Berkley asked on IRC whether Conory is 
 known to the devs (I hope I didnt misquote him here, and
 get my head stuffed out with pink carrots now... ), and if
 you now read about it at least two times, hmm better than 0 
 Anyway, time for me to run away from this lengthy email,
 I have JUST glimpsed Gobo in the distance!
 *blob* ...

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