[gobolinux-users] GUI administration

Jan Molič mig at 1984.cz
Thu Aug 4 11:44:09 GMT 2005

I think the question is: Who is GoboLinux designed for?

As for me I don't need any GUI, 1 mld users, 100% backward compatibility.
I need simple Linux without MDK's mess.

Super automatic configuration tools
works only if A is just in /var/spool/B/ and usually badly rewrites your  
hand made configs.

I think If you configure Qmail, there could be PreConfigured-Qmail package  
instead, which
would contain additional scripts/configs.

User would be able to switch among more optional preconfigured packages
or just don't use any.

These preconfigured tools should contain certain named scripts to be able  
to be used
via GUI. For instance the GUI would call
ConfigureQmail --get-options
and print a form.

jan molic

On Wed, 03 Aug 2005 21:54:48 +0200, Peter Clark <mla-gobo at forrussia.org>  

>     Is there any interest in having a comprehensive set of GUI  
> administration
> tools for the next release? Since it makes no sense to re-invent the  
> wheel,
> here are some options that I know of:
>     Mandriva's drak* (Perl and GTK)
>     SuSE's yast2 (C++ and Qt/ncurses)
>     Guidance - http://www.simonzone.com/software/guidance/ (PyQt with  
> some
> C++)
>     The drak* tools are fairly comprehensive, but I'm not a fan of  
> either Perl
> or its GTK bindings, which at any rate would clash with Gobo's KDE  
> leanings.
> But that's my opinion.
>     I haven't tried yast2 yet, but it looks very comprehensive. However,  
> it
> looks difficult to compile, with lots of fiddly dependencies[1]. The  
> source
> can either be fetched through the source rpms (try rpmfind.net) or  
> tarballs
> at ftp://yast4debian.alioth.debian.org/pub/yast4debian/
>     Guidance is still very much a work in progress, with currently only  
> four
> modules ready: userconfig, serviceconfig, mountconfig, and displayconfig.
> Rumor has it that Kubuntu is looking into using it, however, which would  
> give
> it a boost. Guidance integrates with KControl, but there's an initial  
> load-up
> time of 4-7 seconds. Once any module has been loaded, however, subsequent
> modules load within two seconds.
>     I guess my vote would be to go with Guidance. It's incomplete, but  
> since
> it's mostly Python, development should go pretty quick. It's also  
> integrated
> with KControl, which is a natural place to put it...if you use KDE.  
> However,
> for those who don't, then it's not such an ideal solution. However, from  
> my
> experience, people who don't use KDE (or GNOME) are less likely to be
> interested in GUI configuration tools.
>     If, however, cross-desktop performance is critical, then yast2 would  
> be
> the better option, although in the long run I think that it would take  
> more
> work to adapt to Gobo. But I can't back that up with any real proof. What
> does the peanut gallery think?
>     :Peter
> [1] See http://yast4debian.alioth.debian.org/howto-compile-en.html
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