[gobolinux-users] GUI administration

Peter Clark mla-gobo at forrussia.org
Thu Aug 4 17:40:09 GMT 2005

On Thursday 04 August 2005 15:44, Jan Molič wrote:
> I think the question is: Who is GoboLinux designed for?
    No, actually the question is, "Is there any interest in having a 
comprehensive set of GUI administration tools?" :)
    I would describe myself as an intermediate/advanced user, leaning more 
heavily toward the advanced side. I always have Konsole running and do most 
of my system administration by console. All the same, there are times when I 
prefer to use a GUI tool. For instance, I do 95% of my file management 
(moving, copying, linking, deleting, etc.) with mv, ln, rm, and friends. But 
for the other 5% of the time, I use Konqueror, usually when I'm working with 
photos from my digital camera and want to see thumbnails.
    For less commonly performed tasks, GUIs can be a God-send. I would much 
rather set up Samba through the interface that comes with KDE then edit the 
text file. On Debian, I usually prefer to use KSysV to set runtime services. 
And so on.

> As for me I don't need any GUI, 1 mld users, 100% backward compatibility.
> I need simple Linux without MDK's mess.
    Right. And where in my message did I say, "And while we're at it, let's 
remove all the command line tools"? It's not either/or, it's both/and. If you 
don't want to use a GUI tool, don't, but don't assume that it "messes" the 
system. Mandrake is a mess for other reasons than its GUI tools. (I hate how 
they crippled KDE in 10.0!)

> Super automatic configuration tools
> works only if A is just in /var/spool/B/ and usually badly rewrites your
> hand made configs.
    Super automatic configuration tools are a whole different subject. But 
speaking of which, I much prefer automatic hardware detection rather than the 
old way of telling the system what hardware was available. I still remember 
trying to get my sound card working in RedHat 5.2, telling it the IRQ and 
other numbers. I prefer the automatic way better.
    When it comes to badly rewriting a customized config, that's a bug, and 
should be treated as such, not as an inherent character of GUI tools.

> I think If you configure Qmail, there could be PreConfigured-Qmail package
> instead, which
> would contain additional scripts/configs.
> User would be able to switch among more optional preconfigured packages
> or just don't use any.
    I think we are now talking about different things. I understand you, and 
agree that having pre-configured packages would be a great thing, but does 
not necessarily preclude GUI tools. 

> These preconfigured tools should contain certain named scripts to be able
> to be used
> via GUI. For instance the GUI would call
> ConfigureQmail --get-options
> and print a form.
    Actually, this would be a poor use for a GUI, since it's only duplicating, 
not improving on, the command line. There are some things that the command 
line is better for, some things that a GUI is better for, and some things 
that are a toss-up, depending on your preference. It's about using the right 
tool for the right job, and in case of the latter two, why not provide the 

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