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Jan Molič mig at 1984.cz
Fri Aug 5 07:15:03 GMT 2005

Ok, you're right :-) For instance Manager is very good tool for  
gobo-beginners, I started
using gobolinux thanks to it.

What I wanted to say is that administrative tools should be done in  
different manner than
MDK, SuSE, etc. does.

What about server-client architecture? You would be able to have
many frontends including console tools, QT/GTK GUI, web clients. Moreover
administer things via network or implement your own client (very good
if you do hosting).
On the server side each task should be done via a plugin-script so the  
script could be
written in any language.

The preconfigured package would contain default configs and the plugin
script symlinked into the server.

So the starting point would be to write a server, a configuration script  
telnet (I prefer YAML as a protocol) :-))

Everything is about time :-(

jan molic

On Thu, 04 Aug 2005 19:40:09 +0200, Peter Clark <mla-gobo at forrussia.org>  

> On Thursday 04 August 2005 15:44, Jan Molič wrote:
>> I think the question is: Who is GoboLinux designed for?
>     No, actually the question is, "Is there any interest in having a
> comprehensive set of GUI administration tools?" :)
>     I would describe myself as an intermediate/advanced user, leaning  
> more
> heavily toward the advanced side. I always have Konsole running and do  
> most
> of my system administration by console. All the same, there are times  
> when I
> prefer to use a GUI tool. For instance, I do 95% of my file management
> (moving, copying, linking, deleting, etc.) with mv, ln, rm, and friends.  
> But
> for the other 5% of the time, I use Konqueror, usually when I'm working  
> with
> photos from my digital camera and want to see thumbnails.
>     For less commonly performed tasks, GUIs can be a God-send. I would  
> much
> rather set up Samba through the interface that comes with KDE then edit  
> the
> text file. On Debian, I usually prefer to use KSysV to set runtime  
> services.
> And so on.
>> As for me I don't need any GUI, 1 mld users, 100% backward  
>> compatibility.
>> I need simple Linux without MDK's mess.
>     Right. And where in my message did I say, "And while we're at it,  
> let's
> remove all the command line tools"? It's not either/or, it's both/and.  
> If you
> don't want to use a GUI tool, don't, but don't assume that it "messes"  
> the
> system. Mandrake is a mess for other reasons than its GUI tools. (I hate  
> how
> they crippled KDE in 10.0!)
>> Super automatic configuration tools
>> works only if A is just in /var/spool/B/ and usually badly rewrites your
>> hand made configs.
>     Super automatic configuration tools are a whole different subject.  
> But
> speaking of which, I much prefer automatic hardware detection rather  
> than the
> old way of telling the system what hardware was available. I still  
> remember
> trying to get my sound card working in RedHat 5.2, telling it the IRQ and
> other numbers. I prefer the automatic way better.
>     When it comes to badly rewriting a customized config, that's a bug,  
> and
> should be treated as such, not as an inherent character of GUI tools.
>> I think If you configure Qmail, there could be PreConfigured-Qmail  
>> package
>> instead, which
>> would contain additional scripts/configs.
>> User would be able to switch among more optional preconfigured packages
>> or just don't use any.
>     I think we are now talking about different things. I understand you,  
> and
> agree that having pre-configured packages would be a great thing, but  
> does
> not necessarily preclude GUI tools.
>> These preconfigured tools should contain certain named scripts to be  
>> able
>> to be used
>> via GUI. For instance the GUI would call
>> ConfigureQmail --get-options
>> and print a form.
>     Actually, this would be a poor use for a GUI, since it's only  
> duplicating,
> not improving on, the command line. There are some things that the  
> command
> line is better for, some things that a GUI is better for, and some things
> that are a toss-up, depending on your preference. It's about using the  
> right
> tool for the right job, and in case of the latter two, why not provide  
> the
> tool?
>     :Peter
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