[gobolinux-users] Announce: CVS Repository on Savannah

Hisham Muhammad hisham.hm at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 18:26:12 GMT 2005

Hi list!

To start the post-012 process of increasing the decentralization of
GoboLinux development, yesterday I uploaded the latest development
snapshot of Scripts and Compile to savannah.nongnu.org (Rafael had
created a project there long ago, so it made sense to use that).

[Side note: no SCM flame wars, okay? I know CVS is not that nice, but
I think we needed a lowest-common-denominator tool to get version
control usage in GoboLinux started.]


Scripts and Compile are there now. BootScripts should follow shortly.
Probably Manager and GoboHide will come later (translation: after
André and Lucas get used to it :-) ).

The most important thing in the plan, however, is maintaining recipes
through CVS. Here's what we have in mind:

* Get recipes for every package that's on the GoboLinux CD. We
currently have 172 out of 204. Missing recipes are listed in "Appendix
B" -- bonus points for contributors of those. ;)

* Make sure that every recipe has a maintainer assigned to it. More on
this below.

* Add all maintainers to the Savannah project so that they can
maintain their recipes directly.

* Over time, the idea is to add the entire recipe store to CVS, but at
first I think we should focus on the packages that form the

Our short-term roadmap is to have the recipe store for the ISO
packages on CVS by the end of the month.


For the most part, GoboLinux has been historically a ~5-man
distribution. This has changed with the extensive participation of the
community in the recipe store, and we think it's time to make this
official. Regular recipe contributors who so desire it will be granted
CVS access, becoming GoboLinux developers on their own right.

Our priority now is finding maintainers to the "ISO" recipes, but
we're open to maintainers of any package. We 'core' developers will
remain as maintainers of some key/strategic packages, such as GCC and
Glibc, and will of course take the packages that nobody else wants to
work on.

An interesting question is how many recipes can each person maintain.
I guess there's no hard rule on this, as some are very delicate
(Linux) and many are simple two-liners that just require a NewVersion
every now and then. I say just pick how many recipes you're
comfortable with, and don't overload yourself so that the process
keeps being fun. Sourceforge and Freshmeat offer email notification
services for program releases so maintaining simple recipes should be
a very low-overhead task.

Another question: who gets CVS access then? The idea is essentially
"regular recipe contributors". Since Lucas has been our official
'entry point' for recipes, I think he's the best one to take this call
-- just send him an email -- though long-time community members (you
know who you are :) ) can just send a 'request for inclusion' through
the Savannah interface and I'll gladly add you. I'm adding the
original GoboLinux devs as admins in Savannah so that any of them can
add people and perform these administrative tasks there.

Well, I guess that's it for now, volunteers are welcome!

-- Hisham


Project page:

Browse CVS online:

Fetch the CVS repository:
export CVS_RSH="ssh"
cvs -z3 -d:ext:anoncvs at savannah.nongnu.org:/cvsroot/goboscripts co tools

The full list of packages of the ISO can be seen in the release notes:


Versions listed are from the GoboLinux 012 release notes; I'm sure
many are outdated.

BC 1.06
Bin86 0.16.3
Cdparanoia-III alpha9.8
Cpio 2.5
DHCPCD 1.3.22-pl1
FxLoad 2002_04_11
GV 3.5.8
HwData 0.92-1.1
Ispell 3.2.06
Mesa 5.0
Mtail 1.1.1
Netkit-Base 0.17
PPP 2.4.1
RP-PPPoE 3.5
RPM 4.0.4
SVGALib 1.4.3
Sash 3.6
TeTeX 1.0.7
Thunderbird 1.0.2
TraceRoute 1.4a12
XFS-Utils 1.2
Xaw3d 1.5
Xtest 2.0-1

The following still need some work on Compile until we can properly
generate recipes for them:

AbsTK 0.2
BootScripts 2.0.0
Compile 1.3.1
ConfigTools 1.0.0
EnhancedSkel 012
LibStdC++ 3.3.1
LibStdC++ 2.95.3
Manager 1.0.0
Scripts 2.1.26

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