[gobolinux-users] Re: Announce: CVS Repository on Savannah

Hisham Muhammad hisham.hm at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 20:53:08 GMT 2005

On 11 Aug 2005 22:40:34 +0200, Peter Eriksen <s022018 at student.dtu.dk> wrote:
> Hisham Muhammad <hisham.hm at gmail.com> writes:
> ...
> > The most important thing in the plan, however, is maintaining recipes
> > through CVS. Here's what we have in mind:
> I'm just curious and too impatient to wait to see for myself:
> Are the recipes supposed to be in CVS as packed or unpacked
> directories?

Unpacked, so that we can diff between revisions, etc.

This is what I have in mind: (other suggestions welcome)


Adding a new version will require a 'cvs add', and the Recipe for
2.5.1 will have a different revision history than 2.5.0 (the first
commit message for 2.5.1 can be something like "upgrade from 2.5.0" to
indicate where to look for past history). I think sometimes we may
need to update old versions of recipes (strict version dependencies,
things like that). Or could this be done with branching (on a
per-recipe basis)?

> I think it's great that both the scripts and the recipes
> will be under revision control.  This makes regular
> contributions faster and easier for everybody.

Yes, I hope so too! :)

-- Hisham

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