[gobolinux-users] Re: Problem with CUPS recipe/package

Jonatan Liljedahl lijon at kymatica.com
Mon Aug 15 16:31:27 GMT 2005

On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 13:35:08 -0300
Hisham Muhammad <hisham.hm at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 8/15/05, Jonatan Liljedahl <lijon at kymatica.com> wrote:

> > > Actually, I think a lot of recipes are using Variable in a wrong
> > > way.. I have in my TODO list to check for all recipes available in
> > > the store and assert they're downloading, compiling and doing the
> > > right thing with Variable.
> > 
> > Exactly what is the right thing to do with Variable?
> I think you hit the nail in the head. I'm not satisfied with our
> current usage of Variable. It's confusing and doesn't work very well.
> Recapping, this is how we defined things to work, IIRC:
> - Programs install to /Programs/App/Variable.
> - Var-files are copied to
> /Programs/App/1.0/Resources/Defaults/Variable.- Then they are moved to
> /System/Variable- And are linked back in /Programs/App/Variable so
> that one can go to/P/A/V and see what var-files App is using.
> We're doing it this crazy way so that the actual var-files will be
> under /System/Variable. Reasons: so that can be potentially a separate
> partition and to allow sharing.
> I see at least two problems with our current approach:
> - If /Programs/App/Variable already exists during a compilation,
> previously existing contents will get mixed with new files.
> - Sharing won't work 100% if some prefixes use /Programs/App/Variable
> and that does not expose a full view of /System/Variable.

Yes, there's a lot of programs that use /Programs/TheirSelf/Variable
instead of /S/V.
And strange things can happen, things like /P/App/Variable being a mix
of real files and symlinks, and quite often symlinks to non-existent
files, etc...

> Here's my not-fully-thought-out proposal:
> - Programs install to /Programs/App/1.0/Variable.
> - Var-files are copied to
> /Programs/App/1.0/Resources/Defaults/Variable.- Var-files are copied
> to /System/Variable (with some sensible behavior regarding
> overwriting)- /Programs/App/1.0/Variable is removed, and becomes a
> symlink to/System/Variable.
> Pros:
> - Simpler semantics, like a simplified Share.
> - /System/Variable can still be a separate partition
> Cons:
> - No package management for files under /System/Variable. I really
> don't think it is necessary, because those files are site-specific (a
> bit like tmp-files, they're "local state" files). We should be able to
> deploy var-files, but I don't think we need to manage them the same
> way we do for executables, libraries, headers, etc.
> What do you people think?

I think it sounds very good. But it will be a lot of work to fix all
packages and recipes, won't it? =)

/Jonatan    -=( http://kymatica.com )=-

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