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Fabio Mierlo geromao at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 21:35:53 GMT 2005


can you explain me what is "package is dropped"?
In the sense that I can or I can't do a wget of a
package directly into /Programs and at the end
of download the package will be installed.

On 8/15/05, Lucas Correia Villa Real <lucasvr at gobolinux.org> wrote:
> Hi!
> I've just finished Listener 1.1, which can be installed with "Compile
> Listener". Some interesting news:
> - It's now possible to declare multiple rules for the same target
> (eg: /Programs);
> - Operations are executed by independent threads;
> - The config file can be specified on the command line, allowing single users
> to use Listener for monitoring their own directories and taking actions based
> on their own rules.
> The default config file now comes with 2 useful rules:
> - When a package is dropped or saved into /Programs, InstallPackage is
> launched and the package is moved into /Files/Packages after the operation
> finishes;
> - When a program is removed from /Programs, RemoveBroken is invoked against
> the broken links at /System/Links.
> Please note that since it relies on inotify, a patched kernel is still needed.
> For now, "Compile Linux" will bring you to a fresh inotify-capable 2.6
> kernel.
> Cheers,
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> Lucas
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