[gobolinux-users] Listener 1.1

kenneth marken k-marken at online.no
Mon Aug 15 22:49:54 GMT 2005

Jonatan Liljedahl wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 00:29:56 +0200
> kenneth marken <k-marken at online.no> wrote:
>>>>Please note that since it relies on inotify, a patched kernel is
>>>still>needed. For now, "Compile Linux" will bring you to a fresh
>>>>inotify-capable 2.6 kernel.
>>>Could this feature be used to not move the package at all? I'm
>>>thinking of a way to implement a cd-burn filesystem similar to the
>>>one in the latest MacOSX.. I.e create a burn-folder, drop your files
>>>there, and click a button to burn the folder to CD or an ISO image.
>>>But I don't want to copy any data. I was thinking of FUSE, but
>>>there's no way to know the source path when doing cp or mv since
>>>they're not actual filesystem actions but is implemented with writes
>>>and reads... ln would work, though...
>>seems like what your talking about is a virtual folder, holding a 
>>refrence to the files dropped onto it. then when the burn triggerd the
>>refrences are read and turned into a iso and then burned.
> Yes, exactly like that! Do you know if any such project for linux
> exists?
> FUSE would work, but that would require the user to always link files
> into the virtual folder. moving or copying would result in permission
> denied. But OTOH, maybe that's OK since it reminds the user of the fact
> that the files isn't actually copied or moved there... And I don't think
> there's any way for a filesystem to know the source files paths, is
> there?

cant say i have heard about anything similar for linux. most likely it 
would require some kind of buildt in function in your file browser of 
choice, this in combo with the commandline burner tools or something.

hmm, that reminds me. are mkisofs able to handle symlinks? if so then 
you can create a folder, symlink in everything you want (or set up a 
similar solution to listener so that any file dropped on the folder are 
symlinked inside the folder) and then run a mkisofs aimed at the folder.

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