[gobolinux-users] Listener 1.1

kenneth marken k-marken at online.no
Tue Aug 16 10:00:06 GMT 2005

Lucas Correia Villa Real wrote:
> On Monday 15 August 2005 19:49, kenneth marken wrote:
>>cant say i have heard about anything similar for linux. most likely it
>>would require some kind of buildt in function in your file browser of
>>choice, this in combo with the commandline burner tools or something.
>>hmm, that reminds me. are mkisofs able to handle symlinks? if so then
>>you can create a folder, symlink in everything you want (or set up a
>>similar solution to listener so that any file dropped on the folder are
>>symlinked inside the folder) and then run a mkisofs aimed at the folder.
> Yes, that's it. One would configure Listener to launch k3b or cdrecord after a 
> special file is placed inside the "virtual folder". However, the following 
> seems to be more user-friendly: one rule would create symlinks for every 
> file/directory dropped there (eg: /Depot/CDRecord/Environment/), while 
> another would listen for another directory (eg: /Depot/CDRecord/Burn/). So, 
> when the user drops the folder which contains the symlinks into this second 
> one, mkisofs+cdrecord should be launched.

just checked a bit and mkisofs have a -f option that looks like its 
supposed to follow symlinks when creating a iso. but i have no 
experience using the raw mkisofs and cdrecord tools so i dont know what 
the right settings to create a iso based on a folder full of symlinks are.

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