[gobolinux-users] disappointed new user

Albert albertwagner at cox.net
Tue Aug 16 19:40:16 GMT 2005

Just a note to the developers from a new user.  I have just 
downloaded and burned the iso image for 012.  My personal opinion 
is that this product is not yet ready for prime time:

(1) shutdown from within the cd system does not work.

(2) 640x400 sucks and I can see no way to change it.
     * The KDE screen extends beyond my physical screen; the
       KDE button is almost off-screen.
     * Dialogs are larger than the screen and can only be viewed
       in their entirety by resorting to continuous alt-drag.
     * the font is a tiny blocky font that is unreadable.
i.e. the Live CD is unusable.

(3) I used the text mode installer because of the above problems 
with LiveCD. The installer has no help and makes some really bad 
assumptions.  I attempted to install only the base package.  I 
have six linux partitions: swap, 2 SuSe, 1 LFS-5.0, 1 data,  and 
  1 empty, Reiser formatted. The installer offered me no 
opportunity to specify a partition and simply started to install 
in partition 1.  Luckily, that was not a linux partition or 
greater damage could have been done before I managed to power 
down.  That a pretty blunt instrument to use to stop an install.

(4) The installer gave no indication what boot loader was being 
used nor with what options, so I disabled it in the setup.  I use 
Grub.  I hate to think what would have happened if I had let the 
installation screw with my grub.

i.e. the Installer is unusable.

I have installed a variety of Linux distributions over the years, 
starting with Red Hat 5.0.  Over the last several years I have 
used LFS exclusively. So I am not a total newbie. Perhaps I'll 
check back later when more detailed documentation is available 
that allows a totally manual install.

Blessed are the cracked:
For it is they who let in the light.

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