[gobolinux-users] disappointed new user

André Detsch detsch at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 20:16:26 GMT 2005

On 8/16/05, Albert <albertwagner at cox.net> wrote:
> Just a note to the developers from a new user.  
Seems a very useful report. So, thanks for this message :)

> I have just
> downloaded and burned the iso image for 012.  My personal opinion
> is that this product is not yet ready for prime time:

Although the lice CD has evolved a lot since the first GoboLinux
versions, we agree that there is a lot of polishing to be made on it.

> LiveCD
> (1) shutdown from within the cd system does not work.

Proceed, it gives a weird error when trying to run off or shutdown.
While we don't fix it, crt+alt+del may be used.
> (2) 640x400 sucks and I can see no way to change it.
>      * The KDE screen extends beyond my physical screen; the
>        KDE button is almost off-screen.
>      * Dialogs are larger than the screen and can only be viewed
>        in their entirety by resorting to continuous alt-drag.
>      * the font is a tiny blocky font that is unreadable.
> i.e. the Live CD is unusable.

Seems to be a problem in xorg.conf automatic creation. Two options:
skip the xorg.conf automatic creation (pressing 'esc' when 'Starting
X11 detection (<esc> to skip)' appears during the cd boot); or adjust
the /System/Settings/X11/xorg.conf file by hand.

> Install
> (3) I used the text mode installer because of the above problems
> with LiveCD. The installer has no help and makes some really bad
> assumptions.  I attempted to install only the base package.  I
> have six linux partitions: swap, 2 SuSe, 1 LFS-5.0, 1 data,  and
>   1 empty, Reiser formatted. The installer offered me no
> opportunity to specify a partition and simply started to install
> in partition 1.  Luckily, that was not a linux partition or
> greater damage could have been done before I managed to power
> down.  That a pretty blunt instrument to use to stop an install.

There is a screen where the target partition can be selected (the
second screen).

We plan to improve this screen to allow selection of different /Users
partition, but in 012, the only option given by the installer is to
place everything in a single partition (so, you have to move and
adjust fstab if you want to have your files spread over different

In order to stop the installation, did you tried 'crtl+c'?

> (4) The installer gave no indication what boot loader was being
> used nor with what options, so I disabled it in the setup.  I use
> Grub.  I hate to think what would have happened if I had let the
> installation screw with my grub.

Adding lines in a existing grub configuration is a nice feature not
yet implemented. Changes would be made in a single script: GenGrubMenu
(which is inside ConfigTools package). By now, some explicit editing
is necessary to deal with more than one Linux installation. Is there
some distro that has implemented that feature?

> i.e. the Installer is unusable.
> I have installed a variety of Linux distributions over the years,
> starting with Red Hat 5.0.  Over the last several years I have
> used LFS exclusively. So I am not a total newbie. Perhaps I'll
> check back later when more detailed documentation is available
> that allows a totally manual install.

There is a /Depot/Docs/en_US/Installation which describes a manual
installation process (we prepared this file before we had the
installer available). You can try if nothing else works :)

Andre Detsch

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