[gobolinux-users] NVidia 1.0-7667 HOWTO to GoboLinux012 ?

teike teikecorp at yahoo.com.br
Tue Aug 16 22:32:49 GMT 2005


Does anyone have the NVidia 3D accelarated driver running on GoboLinux 012?*

I think I could solve it by just compiling the kernel and then 
running these commands:

strKernelSource="/System/Kernel/Modules/`uname -r`/build"
-r`/kernel/drivers/video  \
  SymlinkProgram Nvidia "$strPkgVersion"
  modprobe nvidia

Btw if added the option --add-this-kernel, it would be handy to provide 
a custom .run package to GoboLinux012 users :)


This package below seem outdated as it has the driver nvidia_drv.o that 
cannot be loaded by kernel 2.6.xx that only loads modules with extension 
like .ko as I researched.

If I try 'insmod ./nvidia_drv.o' it says: insmod: error inserting 
'./nvidia_drv.o': -1 Invalid module format

I also think these files that came with the kernel have no 3D 
acceleration: nvidia-agp.ko and nvidiafb.ko(frame buffer?).
Is someone currently preparing the new pre-compiled package? :D*


What make option or .config file GoboLinux 012 uses to compile the kernel?
On running 'make xconfig' I found out that several unchecked modules on 
the 'default' configuration were available at 
Btw I almost forgot how fun it is to configure the kernel options and 
read all cool new (to me) stuff like 'zisofs' :D.

If possible, I would like to avoid the compilation of the kernel sources, I think it will take too long on my pentium II 350.
Despite I believe I may need it compiled sometime later for one or other 
reason :/.
*I expect nothing that is already working on GoboLinux 012 stop working 
after I enable the new kernel :(, any tips?*

*Is there a way I could join the pre-compiled kernel stuff from 
_'/System/Kernel/Modules/'_ with the sources at 
_'/Files/Compile/Sources/linux-'_ so that NVidia installer 
recognize it properly and continue its driver compilation (if that is 
the problem...)? **or at least speedup the new kernel compilation, 
**just a thought :D...


The search at 
seems very outdated, like the last month stuff is missing.
*Is there a way to perform a search for the newest mails?*


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