[gobolinux-users] Re: Problem with CUPS recipe/package

Carlo Calica ccalica at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 22:34:41 GMT 2005

On 8/16/05, Hisham Muhammad <hisham.hm at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 8/16/05, Jonatan Liljedahl <lijon at kymatica.com> wrote:
> > Why not?
> Well, if it's going to just point to /System/Variable, then it doesn't
> really makes much difference. I prefer under version because it makes
> the versions directory less cluttered, but I would concede to the
> backwards compatibility argument. Either way is fine for me. Opinions?
Sorry I didn't realize it was a change as opposed to a typo.  How
about calling it var to keep legacy naming within /P/App/1.0
> I think Defaults deployed by the Recipe (Settings or Variable) should
> overwrite those generated by the compilation. But yeah, I don't know
> if it's implemented right (feel free to beat me to it and fix it if it
> isn't).
It'll have to wait until I'm back home.  The gobo install I'm
currently using is strictly non-devel.

<snip comments about sharing and cleaning up /S/Variable >

> I think we have to settle for having a solution for deploying
> var-files, but not maintaining them.
Ok.  I'll concede sharing is more important than a less clutter
program level Variable.

> > Isn't this how it works (at least supposed to work) today?
> Yes, I got the same impression as Jonatan.

How about this:

PrepareProgram -t 
    make /P/App/1.0/var symlink to Resources/Defaults/Variable (keep
Variable name or rename?)

PrepareProgram -T
    make /P/App/1.0/var symlink to /S/Variable

    copy Resources/Defaults/Variable to /S/Variable with sensible
conflict handling.

Is that it??

Carlo J. Calica

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