[gobolinux-users] Re: Lua and others in GoboLinux

Hisham Muhammad hisham.hm at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 18:48:16 GMT 2005

On 8/25/05, Roebe XXX <shevegen at linuxmail.org> wrote:
> I use something to throw in my cc :)
> "Btw, just as a tip, as an alternative to python, there is lua
> (www.lua.org by PUC-Rio)."
> "Afaik it is easyer to learn and runs much faster then python."
> "A huge ammount of softwares use it (from a game like 
> "Baldur's Gate" to controlling robots :))."

Mmmm, this Lua thing sounds interesting... ;-)
> I agree that it would be interesting to have other 
> languages used instead of python prevalent in Gobolinux,

We ship support for a number of languages in our base system, and
Python is just one of them. In the base system there's bash, Python,
Perl, Ruby and of course C, C++. (And of course, any other language
that actually compiles code, not requiring a vm runtime.) If one looks
at the Scripts/Compile packages, there's mostly bash code there, plus
some Python, a few little helpers written C, a Ruby support library
used by Freshen and even the occasional Perl code. Heck, the
FilterComments helper is written in Haskell! :-)

So, you see, we're all for language freedom. Our criteria is simply
use what we feel more comfortable with and we think it's more
appropriate for the job. Most of the GoboLinux scripts deal with
filesystem manipulation, and IMHO shell script is a nifty tool for
that, powerful and concise. André is more comfortable with Python, so
stuff by him tends to be written in that language. There are no rules
or constraints, except for the number of language runtimes we consider
it's feasible to include in the base system. We didn't have Ruby in,
and we added it for Freshen -- it was a compelling enough reason. If
something very useful comes up requiring a different runtime, we might
just add it too.

We're not going to rewrite everything we have so far in another
language "just because", and we're not going to restrict ourselves
deciding "from now on, let's just use language XYZ".

-- Hisham
http://www.inf.puc-rio.br/~hisham :-)

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