[gobolinux-users] users, groups, permissions, etc

Albert albertwagner at cox.net
Sun Aug 28 20:26:06 GMT 2005

David Smith wrote:
> Albert wrote:
>> I am still fighting with getting a parallel printer running under 
>> CUPS/KDE.  Has anyone done this?
> I havn't used a parallel printer with CUPS/KDE, only an usb printer.
> But is parport and usb any different in this case?
>> E [28/Aug/2005:11:07:13 -0500] [Job 87] unable to open print file 
>> "/Programs/CUPS/Variable/spool/cups/d00087-001" - Permission denied
>> The owner:group:permissions of d00087-001 is root:sys:rw-------
> Just two wild guesses: Under what user is cupsd running? 

How do I find out? KSysGuard shows its login as root.  But that's
because it doesn't start by itself and I have to start it
manually(as root).

> What user
> is specifies in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf?

sys, if I read it right.

>> In my thrashing I have also received an error message that
>> libkghostviewpart.la cannot be found.  There are only two refs to that 
>> file:
> There should be /Programs/KDE-Graphics/Current in $KDEDIRS. It should be
> set by a file /Programs/KDE-Graphics/3.4.0/Resources/Environment like in
> several other KDE packages. It might be missing in KDE-Graphics.

There was no Environment file in
/Programs/KDE-Graphics/3.4.0/Resources/, only Dependencies.
I added one containing only:

export KDEDIRS=$KDEDIRS:/Programs/KDE-Graphics/Current

but it is never invoked. The env command shows the following 
after a reboot:


> (I'm repeating myself like an idiot, but couldn't we just set
> KDEDIRS=/usr in the current version?)
>> /etc/passwd
>> -------------
>> root:x:0:0:SuperUser:/Users/root:/bin/zsh
>> nobody:x:12:12:nobody:/tmp:
> If there the superuser name gobo has been used anywhere you could try to
> add a line
>    gobo:x:0:0:SuperUser:/Users/root:/bin/zsh

How do I find all occurances of gobo as superuser?

I'm adding it anyway.

> below root and the same in /etc/shadow and see if it helps.

Sort of.  The failure due to permissions went away, but now it
fails because there are no pages.

I [28/Aug/2005:14:42:55 -0500] Job 89 queued on 'Deskjet540' by
I [28/Aug/2005:14:42:55 -0500] Started filter
/System/Links/Libraries/cups/filter/pstops (PID 2930) for job 89.
I [28/Aug/2005:14:42:55 -0500] Started filter
/System/Links/Libraries/cups/filter/pstoraster (PID 2931) for job 89.
I [28/Aug/2005:14:42:55 -0500] Started filter
/System/Links/Libraries/cups/filter/rastertohp (PID 2933) for job 89.
I [28/Aug/2005:14:42:55 -0500] Started backend
/System/Links/Libraries/cups/backend/parallel (PID 2934) for job 89.
E [28/Aug/2005:14:42:56 -0500] [Job 89] No pages found!
E [28/Aug/2005:14:42:56 -0500] PID 2931 stopped with status 127!

The pstoraster filter utilizes ESP-Ghostscript.  I had both
Ghostscripts installed, but removed the plain (GNU?) Ghostscript.
Got the same message either way.

FWIW, there are only two refs to that libkghostviewpart.la:


and both are text files, no lib or link to a lib.

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