[gobolinux-users] users, groups, permissions, etc

David Smith dsmith at algonet.se
Sun Aug 28 21:10:49 GMT 2005

Albert wrote:
> David Smith wrote:
>> Albert wrote:
>> What user
>> is specifies in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf?
> sys, if I read it right.

Actually, as someone pointed out some time ago on this list, cups
probably has gobo compiled in as default user (stupidly enough).
That could have been the problem since adding gobo to /etc/passwd

>> There should be /Programs/KDE-Graphics/Current in $KDEDIRS. It should be
>> set by a file /Programs/KDE-Graphics/3.4.0/Resources/Environment like in
>> several other KDE packages. It might be missing in KDE-Graphics.
> There was no Environment file in
> /Programs/KDE-Graphics/3.4.0/Resources/, only Dependencies.
> I added one containing only:
> export KDEDIRS=$KDEDIRS:/Programs/KDE-Graphics/Current
> but it is never invoked. The env command shows the following after a 
> reboot:

Run SymlinkProgram KDE-Graphics after adding the file (to symlink it
under /System/Links/Environment and update the environment cache).

> Sort of.  The failure due to permissions went away, but now it
> fails because there are no pages.

Sorry, I have no idea about that. Are you using hp's printer driver


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