[gobolinux-users] newbie gobolinux user: SDL framebuffer + MidiShare support?

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Wed Feb 2 15:27:24 GMT 2005

hello gobo people,

i'm new to Gobo, but love it so far (sits nicely alongside MEPIS, :P) 
and one thing i was wondering is how hard would it be to set up Gobo 
so that it supports SDL on the Framebuffer/console - i.e. not through 
X, but through the FB interface?  i have some simple apps that i'd 
like to port to SDL, but i don't want all the overhead of X .. is 
this feasible?   are there any packages in Gobo which do this 
already, say "Abuse_SDL" or something?  (able to be run from console 

the other question i have for gobo people, is if anyone has gotten 
MidiShare set up for it yet?  MidiShare is like "MIDI, the non-ALSA" 
way, and is in my opinion a far better API for MIDI than ALSA is .. 
MidiShare consists of a kernel module and set of libs, for linux 
2.4.x-series kernels (a 2.6.x port is under way).

i'd be very interested in knowing about what it would take to get 
SDL/Framebuffer and MidiShare working under Gobo .. if anyone has 
anything to say about this, please let me know ...



Jay Vaughan

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