[gobolinux-users] GoboLinux 012 Release Schedule changes

Andre Detsch detsch at gobolinux.org
Sat Feb 26 21:36:40 GMT 2005

As you may have noticed, Lucas is working hard on trying to put udev, hotplug 
and friends to work nicely in this next GoboLinux release (thanks Lucas :).

So, we will prepare a new beta release (012beta2) before starting to prepare 
release candidates. This way, GoboLinux 012 final will not be realeased 
before March (as announced initially) but in later March. This gives time to 
update the packages included, and even introduce some new packages (there is 
at least 50MB of compressed programs that can be included). Suggestions (for 
new packages) and Recipes (for new versions) are welcome. 

We can even wait for KDE 3.4 final (rc1 just released) before we release 012 

André Detsch

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