[gobolinux-users] Scripts 2.1.19; Compile 1.2.3

Michael Homer dufus at wotfun.com
Wed Jan 5 05:18:25 GMT 2005

MJ Ray wrote:

>Thanks to Andre Detsch for posting these new versions. They seem to work
>well here, but I can't find any docs for Scripts, so I still can't use
>its Functions in my own scripts.
>I've updated SuggestUpdates (formerly OutdatedPackages) to use Scripts
>instead of netPackage. It runs quite a lot slower than the netPackage
>version or Freshen, but it has the following features:
> * Searches recipes or packages, stable or all, depending on options
> * Plain text command output which can be redirected to help make an
>    upgrade script (please be careful scripting upgrades, though...)
Possibly you could look at my dependency sorting script (soon, harder 
than it looks) that makes sure everything's installed in the right order.

> * Thorough - finds some updates that Freshen seems to miss
Which are those? Probably something I should take a look at. (I'm back 
to working on the newer version, a week perhaps, once I get up to speed 
with the Scripts updates and new (?) descriptions).
On my system at least that doesn't happen (upgrades only, recipes and 
packages: 40 SuggestUpdates, 66 Freshen beta, 60 Freshen 1.1). If it's 
specific programmes I've got something wrong with my versioning code.

> * Simple - 50 lines of zsh, including banners and comments
>You can download it from http://mjr.towers.org.uk/comp/SuggestUpdates
>I'd welcome reviews, less biased comparisons or other contributions.
It is very thorough in its method (although Freshen picks up more 
upgrades for me at least, which is a little puzzling: it shouldn't have 
any discrepancy with FindPackage*), and I like the "InstallPackage" 
output scheme, although it's more use for copy & paste than for piping 
into an upgrade script like you said, it's a timesaver still. The speed 
factor in calling FindPackage iteratively for every /Programs entry does 
add up, especially on slow machines like mine (it takes just over three 
minutes). Definitely very useful for a stripped bare-bones system 
without Ruby or X installed, since it only needs zsh and Python.

*Actually, I suppose this comes from using 'sort' to order them, so e.g. 
v3.2>3.10, and 5.0a>5.0. Surprising that it's so much though.

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