[gobolinux-users] Current Scripts binaries, was: MultipleVersions and suggestion: RemoveProgram two-step

MJ Ray mjr at dsl.pipex.com
Wed Jan 5 12:20:32 GMT 2005

David Smith wrote:
> Um... right... of course you can't do that. I'm too used to running
> DisableProgram before actually removing anything.

Well, that's a new program to me and looks like it'll do what
I want.  I'll contemplate it. To spot other news, I made a list
of current Scripts.  Two of the Filter* ones don't produce
any output and wait for input, so I deleted them. Also:

No -h output: ColorMake IsExecutable List TemplateScript
usleep GoboPath RemoveBroken

Error output:
DeduceName - DeduceName: requires two arguments.
FindPackage - Traceback (most recent call last):
GetAvailable - Traceback (most recent call last):
RescueInstallPackage - RescueInstallPackage: line 21: [: too many arguments
RescueSymlinkProgram - RescueSymlinkProgram: line 21: [: too many arguments
ScriptFunctions - (source): (source): No such file or directory
install - real_install: invalid option -- h
time - time:9: command not found: -h

I don't like install and time being scripts, myself.

Strange output:
GuessProgramCase - -h


AddUser - Register a new user in this system.
AllDependencies - Show the entire dependency hierarchy for a package.
AttachProgram - Create a link in /Programs to $goboInstall or <src_tree>.
CleanModules - Clean up all kernel modules that can be removed.
CompileProgram - Install LodeLinux/GoboLinux packages :-)
CreatePackage - Make a GoboLinux package.
Dependencies - Queries dependencies in a GoboLinux package.
DetachProgram - Move a program from /Programs to $goboInstall or <destdir>.
DisableProgram - Unlink a program from the /System/Links hierarchy.
EditScript - Create or edit a GoboLinux script.
FiboSandbox - Run the program in a protected sandbox, as a restricted user.
FilterColors - Filter to monochrome.
FindQuick - find files.
FixAttributes - Fix attributes from files based on its contents.
FixInfo - Remakes the entries in the info 'dir' file.
FixLibtoolLa - Convert a .la file created by libtool to make it GoboLinux-compliant.
GrepQuick - Shorthand for 'grep'.
GrepReplace - Swaps occurrences of a regex for another word in a series of files.
GuessLatest - usage: GuessLatest [-s] <version1> [version2] ...
Hashes - Manages FileHash and FileHash.sig in a GoboLinux package.
InstallPackage - Install GoboLinux packages.
KeyManager - Manage digital signature keys for GoboLinux packages.
KillProcess - Enhanced process killing utility.
MergeTree - Mirrors one directory structure into another.
MultiGrep - NamingConventions - Heuristics to determine a capitalized, GoboLinux-like name.
PrepareProgram - prepares applications for instalation, running the 'configure'
RebuildLinks - Rebuild /System/Links directories.
RemoveEmpty - remove all empty directories inside current (or a given) directory
RemoveProgram - Removes a program version from the system.
Rename - Performs a sed-based search/replace in a set of filenames.
RenameCaps - rename files, capitalizing them
SandboxInstall - Runs 'make install', using a sandbox environment.
SignProgram - Generate and sign a hash file of a Gobolinux package with gpg.
SymlinkProgram - Link a program from the /Programs hierarchy in the /System tree.
SystemFind - Special 'find' utility for searches in the /System hierarchy
SystemInfo - Display some basic system information. Useful for /etc/issue.
UpgradeSystem - Online automated upgrade of the system.
VerifyProgram - Verify the hashes file gpg signature and check the hashes of a Gobolinux
which - Display real location of an executable file.


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